Boston Zombie Apocalypse Z-VAXXED

Opening October 14th!!


Mandatory zepha vaccinations during the summer of 2016 have met with low levels of opposition until now. The public, convinced that the mosquito born illness zepha would result in birth defects and autoimmune disorders were instructed to see their primary care physician for their free Z-Vaccine (Z-V). This was politely suggested in April of this year, but soon came down as an order to report to any local pharmacy or hospital by July1st. The increase in patients alarmed the vaccine companies, who were soon looking at waning vaccine supplies. A new batch of Z-V was created July 15th, and shortly afterwards the rumors began to fly regarding a series of bizarre reactions to the injection. Catatonic mental states, sore limbs, oozing puss filled sores, sudden violent behavior: these were all symptoms erupting in neighborhoods across Boston.


As of August 1st, 2016, the city of Boston had set up mobile medical clinics in each neighborhood to treat not only the symptoms of the Z-V shots from July, but to administer the new and improved vaccine to those too fearful to be inoculated by the July 1st deadline. These medical units are providing quarantine to the zombie patients, and scientists from around the world are arriving daily to examine and treat them. Reports of violence between the militia guarding the doctors and the zombies themselves continue to drive up levels of fear.


Family members have reported hundreds of people missing who have checked into these clinics. Cell phones are going unanswered and nervous citizens are being forcibly removed from the premises. A growing number of non-vaccinated (or so they claim) citizens are banding together to escape Boston and travel west. Other groups are forming to rescue family members from the government sanction hospitals in hope of finding innocent and healthy relatives in quarantine.


As the fear of Zika fades into the distance, many new fears remain. Is there a cure for the vaccine? Who among us will show these retched symptoms? Who is our biggest enemy, the government or the zombies?


You will travel in packs of 6-8 with airsoft shotguns in hand. A rebel leader will take you through the hospital zone in search of innocent captives. Zombies can touch you and you will be called out to protect your team. Your leader’s goal is to deliver you to the safe zone on the other side of the town…..only the uninfected are then allowed to escape.